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Kesla launches new 22-series Z-cranes

Kesla launches a new generation of Z-cranes as the 22-series. The new Z-cranes are available in the 12-, 14- and 17-tonne-metre classes. Their design is based on strength, speed, stability, outreach and easy maintenance.

New operating valve for the electrically controlled cranes

The design of the new cranes set out to increase speed and usability. To achieve this, Kesla has, for example, chosen to use an electric valve with a higher throughput volume than the previously used. The lines to the transfer and extension cylinders have been enlarged, enabling higher crane motion speeds and improved maneuverability.

The valve is controlled by Kesla’s electric proC control system available in a variety of control options ranging from mini joysticks to a 4-lever and 2-pedal option. New valves are also available for mechanical control.

Up to 30 cm increase in outreach

The transfer boom of the new Z-cranes is almost completely redesigned. The need for change was partly due to practical reasons: larger lines require more space. The new structure includes, for example, a modified extension cylinder design, different size casings and larger pins. Despite an increase of up to 30 cm in the useful outreach, the changes have been implemented with hardly any increase in weight.

As ever, Kesla uses high-quality, high-strength steel as the boom material. The crane booms have received the nano ceramic KESLA proTECT surface treatment.

Easier maintenance

Kesla has designed its cranes with ease of service in mind for a long time already. It includes, for example, things like the location of the pressure filters in the new cranes. Like the previous 21-series, the KESLA 22-series’ Z-cranes feature internal hoses both in the first and outer booms. The protection continues all the way to the grapple.

The new cranes utilize separate stabilizer legs, with a particularly stable 4.5 m wide stabilizer leg option also available. This option has been well-received on the market. Most cranes above the 12-tonne-metre class are equipped with wide stabilizer legs. The stabilizer legs come with several optional cylinder stroke lengths and turning angles.

Working comfort

There is no need to compromise on working comfort, either: the KESLA 22Z series timber cranes can be equipped with a basic Vision Standard cabin, a well-equipped Vision cabin or a spacious Vision XL cabin. The crane can also be fitted with top seat equipment and electrical control. Thanks to the new steps, getting to and from the operating position is easy and, above all, safe.


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