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NEW MODEL: Mus-Max WT 11 L tractor chipper

Based on the feedback from customers, this summer Mus-Max completely updated the WT 11 series chipper and came out with a completely new and more powerful version of the WT 11 L. It is the best of Mus-Max tractor-trailer chippers thanks to its fuel efficiency, durability and convenient use. Every year, Mus-Max engineers work to make existing machines even more economical, faster and safer. The new WT 11 L model has also significantly improved in operational safety.

Compared to the WT 11 Z model, the updated version has a larger drum diameter and higher production capacity, as well as an even more powerful output. As standard, the new model comes with the MUS-MAX safety and maintenance platform, an even better infeed base with more efficient infeed properties and less cleaning needs, an aluminum coated tool box, a wide 1150mm exhaust fan from the WT12 model and better LED lights in accordance with traffic regulations. A hydraulic fan, an infeed table extendable by means of a support roller and an anti-reverse roller lock are also available as extras. Thanks to good design and assembly quality, Mus-Max is one of the leading chipper manufacturers in Europe, with production and engineering team located in Austria. Balmax OÜ sells and maintains Mus-Max wood chippers and other forestry equipment for professionals throughout the Baltics. You can find more information about the WT 11 L wood chipper at, as well as other models and forestry equipment on the Balmax website at


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